Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July

Most of the time I love living in downtown Huntington Beach, so close to Main Street, the beach, and the pier, etc. 
But the 4th of July is not one of those times :) 

From about July 1st to July 4th, it's like living through a bomb raid with all the booms of fireworks in the alleys, constant car alarms going off, bright flashes of light, dogs howling, children crying, grown men wailing....okay that last one isn't true. 
I'm sounding dramatic, right? But it's actually pretty crazy down here for those few days!
I stayed inside the whole day of the 4th and just snuggled my cute 1-week-old baby, but Josh and Bryn braved the war zone and walked to the pier for the firework show.
I'm sure Josh didn't intend for these pictures to be blogged, but these two are such good buddies and these pictures make me smile!
 Bryn had never seen real fireworks before, so she was so giddy to stay up late and go the firework show! 
She has nothing else to compare it to, but she claims it was "the best firework show EVER!!!!"
 Cute cute cute. 
I love these two! 

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Karen said...

Very cute pictures of Josh and Bryn! Looks like they had fun. I can understand that it's pretty crazy. At least it's over, right?!