Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby Swing Cover

I think it's going to be a while until I have the time to craft and sew as much as I used to! But I did manage to squeeze in a little sewing time while my mom was here last week and whip up a new cover for our baby swing.
Someone gave us their old baby swing when Brynlee was born...I can't remember who it was! (If it was you, thank you!!!) The cover was a little dated and worn out, but it worked fine for Bryn. Then we had a leak in our garage that dripped right onto the baby swing and left the swing cover smelling kind of stale and gross. 
So a new cover was in order!
 This project really intimidated me since I had to make the new cover fit around the form of the swing (scary!) and I had to do button holes for the straps! (It probably wouldn't be that hard for most people, but I prefer simple sewing projects!) Anyway, yada yada yada....I finally sat down and figured it out and ended up with a new cover isn't totally perfect, but it smells and looks a lot better than the old one :)
 Mya is a little too young to fully take advantage of the swing, but hopefully she'll put it to good use these next few months!


Emily Curfew said...

looks awesome! i would have been way too intimidated to try it. the shape looks so hard to recreate. And i'm still amazed with your chair (rocker?) cover with those bottom pleats. i think you are well capable of doing NON easy sewing projects!

JS said...

Wow! Good job! I would not have attempted... I would have told my mom and made her do it. :)

I think it looks great and I love your choice of fabric, but May is the cutest thing about the swing. :)

Karen said...

You rock!! That looks awesome. My grandma always said to use things that children can grow into, because if you wait until their "just right" for it, they'll never use it. I'm sure she enjoys the motion of the swing right now. said...

i love how your version of 'whip up' is my version of pump myself up for 3 months and take two weeks to complete. how do you do it?!?

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