Sunday, June 24, 2012

Young Women

Oh brother, today was such an emotional day....especially for an already-emotional pregnant lady!...because I was released as being the Young Women President in my ward. I was so excited to be called into the Young Women program in 2010, and it was just as amazing as I had hoped. I am so grateful for the time I had to serve these awesome girls and to learn and grow so very, very much!
Serving dinner to the elderly folks in our ward
 Winter Youth Conference 
 Road Show performances
 Getting together every Wednesday night for something fun
Oh, I love these girls!
  Hiking at San Onofre State Beach
 YW Over-nighter at San Mateo
Girls Camp
 And more Girls Camp
Baptisms at the LA Temple and water balloon volleyball
Our YW trip to Lake Arrowhead
 Hiking and boating

Kayaking and devotionals
Memorizing "The Living Christ" together and reciting it at New Beginnings
 Bishopric Appreciation Dinner and Senior Gratitude Dinner
Winter Youth Conference
Baking bread for the sacrament
 Camping at Crystal Cove
Graduating Seniors luncheon
I am going to miss these young women and the YW leaders so much!
I am so grateful for all the wonderful memories I'll have of our time together. 


JS said...

Laura!!! You were such a great yw president! I am sure it was a really emotional day... They will miss you! Hey, I miss you!:)

Karen said...

What a neat time for you while you were in CA. I'm sure you'll always remember. On to the next adventure (and callings!)