Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beach Night

 Today was such a beautiful day! I wish we could have spent the whole day at the beach, but at least we fit in a couple hours tonight.
 Bryn and Josh love flying their gecko kite any chance they can get and the beach is one of their favorite spots to do it. (I love that they share this little hobby!)
 Cheesy Bryn holding on to the kite string
 This is Bryn's response to "Smile for a picture, Bryn!" ...Faking dead. 
Josh was doing the same thing to me, but we just didn't get a picture of it :)
 I love this girl!
 The pier is always full of random musicians. Some are better than others, but we like these guys on the drums!
 Certainly not a flattering picture of myself ( there such thing as a flattering picture at 38 weeks pregnant?), but Bryn was so cute dancing to the drums! She was shaking her little hips and loving every minute of it. 
 Why do we ever spend Friday nights at home when we live a mile from this place??
Fun night!

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JS said...

so fun! i miss that place. moving makes you wonder why you didn't take more advantage of the beach doesn't it? :)
You look great! Hang in there! Can't wait to see pictures of her!