Sunday, June 3, 2012

Good Things

After months of studying, Josh took level 3 of the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) exam yesterday!
That calls for chocolate cake!
We won't find out if he passed for 2-3 months, but it would sure be nice if he passed because then he'd be done with the CFA exam FOREVER!!! (He's been working on the CFA for the last three years because there are three levels and you can only take the exams on one certain day each year. As fun as studying for the CFA has been these last few years, I think we're ready to be done!) 
It will be wonderful for Josh to have a break from studying now and for him to spend time in the evenings with Bryn and me. Hooray!!!
In other news, we only have four weeks to go until baby #2 makes her big debut! I'm getting into that whale-ish, uncomfortable stage of pregnancy, so hopefully these final weeks will fly by!
P.S. Bryn's face in this picture kills me. She wanted to be in the picture of course, but she was still sour because we had just told her she couldn't wear her "fancy dress-up shoes" to church. Life is tough when you're a three year old and you're not allowed to choose your own wardrobe.
Other than Bryn's frustrations about her footwear, life is good!


Karen said...

What a relief to have the CFA done. I'm sure he passed! Now, a little break before you're off to school.

Meghan said...

Of course it calls for chocolate cake! Congrats to finishing that!