Thursday, June 7, 2012

Second Cousins

 My cousin Alli is in Southern California this week, and it was so, so fun to get together with her today! 
We met at a fun park in Orange....which was great except I forget how HOT it is when you go inland! I'll stick to my 65-70 temps in Huntington Beach! :) 
Luckily for us, there was lots of shade!
 Alli's daughter Racquel is just two months older than Brynlee and she's the sweetest little girl. Bryn and Racquel have probably only met a few times (sad!), but they are cute little buddies and they play really well together. 

Bryn was so sad to leave our play-date and the whole way home she kept asking to go back and play with Racquel some more! I wish we lived closer!
Love you Alli!!!

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Amberlin Bodily said...

Bryn seriously makes the funniest cutest faces!