Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding Bells

My favorite (and only) sister got ENGAGED last night and I am so thrilled for her. I met Devin this summer and he is a really great guy. Marie knew of Devin from going to his BYU volleyball games last year. Then they moved to apartments right across from each other during Spring term....and it was LOVE. :)
They're both in the Marketing program at BYU, so aside from being an awesome couple, they are going to become great study buddies :) I was always picky about who dated my little sister, but I totally approve and am so grateful Marie found such a great guy.
Marie is the best of the best and I'm so excited for her! Love you Rie!


Tueller 3 said...

Ya hoo! Have you ever seen a happier bride-to-be (ever since June?)

JS said...

awww. I love newly engaged couples. They are so cute! Congrats

Jessica F. said...

Best news ever. They are DARLING!

Matt and Ness said...

Oh, they ARE cute! What a beautiful bride she will be!