Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Halloween is over a month away, but we're already getting excited over here! Holidays are more and more fun each year as Bryn gets older, and is already getting excited to carve pumpkins, dress up, go trick-or-treating, etc. On Saturday I cut out lots of bats (from THIS template) and Bryn stood on the step ladder with me and helped taped them up. I thought it would look a lot cooler than it turned out! Ha! But Bryn loves "the family of bats" and talks about them all day!
We're saving our other Halloween books until we make it to October, but this is my favorite so we got it out early. It's a really cute story and I love the illustrations. Bryn is definitely a fan, as well. We have read it so much this week that I'm sure we'll be sick of it by Halloween.
***Not pictured is the authentic spiders web in my kitchen right now. I made pancakes and left the pan cooling on the stove while I went on a walk with Bryn. When we returned there was an intricate spiders web all across the pan and then leading up to my oven hood vent. Kind of creepy. Happy Halloween to me!


stephanie joy said...

hey hey hey hey! I JUST pinned those bats on Pinterest about an hour ago! We are kindred spirits my cousin. I love that we will have the same bats in our house! haha

Karen said...

Oh so fun! I've been itching to pull out my Halloween stuff, too. I think I'll do it this weekend!