Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Books

We checked out a big pile of Halloween books from the library this week and here Bryn's two favorites of the bunch. Both happen to be by the same author: Erica Silverman
Big Pumpkin is such a cute, cute story. I think this will be the Halloween book we buy this year. Different Halloween characters have to work together to break the big pumpkin off the vine and then they all eat pumpkin pie together. It's a cute, well-written story. Bryn LOVES it. The Halloween House is a funny spoof on the "Over the Meadow" classic book/song. Do you know that classic? Bryn loves the original, so she loved that this book is read to the same "tune" but with Halloween scenes. The illustrations are great, too.
Hooray for holiday books!

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Brittany said...

cute! just put these on hold from the library. i got a big stack just the other day from your recommendations, so excited! how do you find all of these great books?