Friday, May 6, 2011


My whole family came to visit us in Huntington Beach the week before Easter. (Pretend like I posted these pictures before my Utah trip pictures). It was so wonderful being all together and having so much fun! And of course, Brynlee was in heaven!
We went to a few parks, including my favorite Central Park. We walked the trail, fed the ducks, and let Bryn run wild.
Lots of beach time, of course!
One of my favorite things to do in HB is ride kayaks through Huntington Harbor. We took Bryn with us this time and she was great! She just sat back and fell asleep, which was awesome!
Josh and Bryn
Dad and Bryn
We also did way too much eating at lots of fun places. Lucille's BBQ is one of our favorites, and my family loved it, too. Above are Jordan, Marie, and Mom
Me, Dad, Jae
Uncle Mark and Logan
Our friend Dede, Josh, and Bryn
Another favorite spot is Duke's! I've blogged about Duke's before, but I love it! It's a must when family comes to town.
Another favorite spot is Houston's, which has the very best ice cream sundae's you'll find.
My whole fam on Sunday. I am so grateful they could all come!

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