Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Abort! Abort!

Well.....I only made it until 1 pm with the potty-training! Ha! Here a few of my crucial mistakes:
(1) I wasn't prepared with a cute sticker chart, and Bryn just wasn't impressed with my lined sheet of paper taped to the wall. She didn't even want to put her reward stickers on it.
(2) Bribes. I need to buy some. My big reward for her going potty was a chocolate chip. And that obviously didn't cut it.
(3) I only bought a 3-pack of undies and after she wet through her first pair I realized I was going to need more than 3 little pairs.
(4) This is just embarrassing, but I also realized after her accident that I didn't even have enough quarters to use the washers/dryers at our apartment complex. Definitely a problem for potty training days.
(5) And this is what did me in: After she wet her pants I gave her a bubble bath to wash off because she needed to clean off, right? Bad move. Baaaaaaaad move. After she got out of the bath she kept saying "Brynlee want to wet her pants and have another bubble bath!" Great. So now I had given her incentive to wet her pants. Obviously, the bubble bath was far more appealing than a sticker and a chocolate chip.
So I put her diaper back on, took down the potty chart, and ate the rest of the chocolate chips that she didn't use.
I ordered the toilet training book a few of you suggested, and we'll give it a whirl in a few weeks when the memory of today's failed attempt has faded.


Brandi said...

That is super funny!

{autie} said...

haha, the problem is that she's just too dang smart!

Karen said...

Potty training that goes perfectly is VERY rare! You had a great start! Yes, it takes a lot of washing clothes when potty training. That would be hard to have to do the coin laundry.

Don't be discouraged. You're doing great. My pediatrician had told me that I could just do it in the morning for a while and then take the afternoon off. Then, start doing the afternoons also and pretty soon, they get the hang of it. It's also okay to take the break and start again later. She will not go to Kindergarten in diapers...so many people always told me that.

Also, having accidents is one of the key ways they learn how to understand the sensation they feel right before they need to go potty. You're doing well!

Oh, another thing is that she needs to be rewarded for using the potty, too. Getting on the potty is part of the battle. My friend would give a chocolate chip for getting on the potty and a chocolate kiss for when she would actually go. Sorry for the novel!

The Colemans said...

I thought now might be a good time to tell you that I think you're a fabulous, cute, adorable mom who I endeavor to be more like when we have children. Victory will soon be yours!

Leah said...

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your sweet comment today!

I really do enjoy following your blog. Brynlee is ADORABLE and cracks me up often. This "Aborted Mission" made me LOL. Faith just turned 1,but has decided that pooping in the bathtub is her nightly ritual. I try to whisk her over to the toliet and a lot of the time it works! I ended up buying a little seat to go over the toliet today, so we shall see!

Hopefully, your next go around will work out better for you. I will be staying tuned!

Diana Hulme said...

Hehe!!! I about died reading your post...so funny!!! I hope it goes better next time. Bryn is just so cute how could you blame her?? :)