Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Utah: Part 2

A few more Utah pics...
Bryn is showing how much FUN we had in Utah :)
Singing songs for Family Home Evening
I went to lunch with my three sisters-in-law that live in Utah: Becky, Brandi, and Rindi. It was so fun to let Bryn play with cousins and to chat with three of my favorite ladies!
We visited Jason and Brandi and their cute girls Hunter and Halle. It was so fun to hang out and for Bryn to go nuts on their tramp and playground.
Bryn LOVED playing with my brother Logan, and would follow him around every day saying "Come on Logie!" Logan and Bryn are the same distance apart in age that Logan and I are, so they are good buddies.
The other thing Bryn said everyday was "Bryn hold a pigeon! Bryn hold a pigeon!" She got a little too comfortable with the birds and would run around the yard holding them.
She and Logan also built "traps" for the pigeons to step in, which provided some good laughter.
I went with my sister-in-law Becky to Cabella's to show the kids all the dead, stuffed animals (I don't know the proper term). I thought the animals were even cooler than the Bean Museum.
Vela and Bryn fed the fish some delicious fish pellets.
Yay for playing with cousins and darting around Cabella's like a wild animal!
Bryn is obsessed with trampolines and she jumped on the tramp every day, rain or shine. It was beginning to snow in the picture above, and then....
Wham! We got hit hard. Good thing I packed my sandals and t-shirts. Ha. It was pretty cold and Bryn kept doing this dramatic fake shiver that was cracking us all up. She's a California girl, I guess.
It was so fun to see her playing with the same toys I played with as a child!
We went to my cousin's baptism and then had fun hanging out at my Grandma's house with my Tueller extended fam.
Other fun things:
-Wagon rides with Grandma
-Attending BYU Women's Conference with my Mom
-Seeing a few old friends (wish I could have seen more!)
-Fierce games of Battleship and Trouble with my fam
-My Dad telling Bryn the same "Woody the Woodsman" stories he made up when I was young
-Early morning walks with my Mom
-Cramming on my parent's bed to watch Three Stooges and Perry Mason
-Silly stories and lots of laughter
-Shopping trips
-Way too many good meals and treats
-And I'm sure I'm forgetting things. It was a great trip and Bryn and I had so much fun! Bryn's actually devastated to be home. She's been sad ever since we've been home and she keeps saying things like "Bryn don't like Caleefornia. Bryn only like Utah!" "We go back to Grandma's house?" "Bryn don't like our house. Bryn only like Grandma's house!" "Bryn don't like our car. Bryn only like Grandma's car!" and on and on. Can you blame her? We had fun!


Gloria said...

Looks like you guys had a fun trip!! And Gramma's houses' are always more fun!

My 3 Gooches said...

bryn in such a cutie, laura. you're mom looks like she's such a good grandma. glad you had a good time!