Thursday, November 25, 2010


We celebrated Thanksgiving at our apartment today and it was such a great day. We had two guests this year: my brother Jae who drove down from San Fransisco, and my uncle Mark who lives here in Huntington Beach. Bryn was napping when we ate, but she enjoyed a big meal when she woke up. When Bryn came out and saw Jae and Mark here, she immediately ran back to her room and came back with hats for everyone. She insisted that we each wear the one she picked out for us. She was loving all the attention from Mark and Jae, spending most the day running circles around our front room and trying to make us laugh.


mj said...

So cute. I'm impressed by your turkey. Also my mom and I were looking at your cute thanksgiving play group and we were impressed.

Diana Hulme said...

How fun!!! I love it all. Especially the cute!