Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Season!

We got out our thin, little Charlie Brown Christmas tree this weekend, and Bryn was in heaven decorating it with ornaments and also random toys and things she found throughout the house. It's been a constant project as things have been added and removed all day long. These pictures show a pretty normal tree, but I should have taken the pictures when the tree was covered in play dough cups, plastic animals, strings, papers, and lots of other random things.


JS said...

You are so nice to let her decorate the tree. My mom was neurotic about the tree... "they can't all be clumped at kid eye level, they can't be too close together, they can't all be on the outer branches, you have to have some deep in the tree"...

Sadly, I have become that. We decorated our tree today, and they had to ask where to put the ornament before it went on the tree. :)

I blame my mom. :)

Marie said...

Lar, I love Bryn's tight pink pants with those boots!! I am counting down the days til I can hold that little girl. The paper chain is getting so short!