Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another great day with Bryn


allirasmussen@gmail.com said...

she is seriously the cutest thing ever. so when are you guys coming home next?!? i feel like raquel and bryn will be best friends...except that raquel is a little bossy. we're working on it.

Kristy said...

So, 2 in a 2 bedroom apartment... not as bad as I thought it would be! For the last 3 months, Graham has slept in the living room for naps and bedtime in a mini pack n play that I can move easily. Now that Graham is older and actually taking scheduled naps, he naps in my bedroom and then sleeps in the living room at night. I moved him to Dallin's room a couple weeks ago, and then everyone got sick and I wanted to be able to sleep without everyone waking up. I am going to switch him back again. Dallin doesn't usually wake up when Graham cries, he just stirs and then goes back to sleep. It is totally doable and not bad at all. P.S. I LOVE that you are thinking about a second baby.