Monday, November 8, 2010


Bryn made me laugh all day long with her non-stop rambling about her stuffed turtle who "had yuckies in his diaper" all day long, the mysterious "sad pig with a party hat"?, and other made-up stories.
Josh brought me home much-needed chocolate covered raisins.
We bought a really high-quality fake Christmas tree for $25 at Target. (Think Charlie Brown Christmas).
Then we smooshed together on the couch for FHE, sharing a bowl of ice cream, with Bryn burrowing under blankets, laughing through the lesson, and begging us to tickle her.
I am blessed.

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JS said...

Tyson was looking over my shoulder when I was reading this post, and he felt proud of himself that he gave Josh the idea for the ice cream. :)
(Maybe not but it was funny how he was acting.)