Saturday, March 6, 2010

Well Dressed

I always love it when Josh dresses Brynlee. Today I was gone at a Relief Society conference for five hours, then I came home to this awesome outfit: pastel floral shirt, brown velour pants, and purple etnies. And gotta love the stringy hair parted down the middle!
The two of them had so much fun going on a run, playing at the park, reading books, and making the world's coolest fort that takes up her entire bedroom. Josh makes it easy for Brynlee (and me!) to love him!


Alli Jensen said...

I love this. It reminds me of Sundays when Mom would be gone in the morning for her calling and Dad would get six little girls ready for church- holy cow. I'm sure my mom was endlessly entertained (if not embarrassed) by the outfits, and especially the hairdos when we all showed up for sacrament.

Justin and Ashleigh Smith said...

That is really funny! Especially the hair parted down the middle part- it actually made me laugh out loud :) Aren't daddy's just the best?!

Jessica F. said...

I love it!