Thursday, March 25, 2010

Art, Crafts, and Chubby Arms

A few random thoughts:
(1) We don't have AC because we're close enough to the ocean for a breeze. But yesterday it was warm and the ocean breeze was no where to be found. Bryn was getting sweaty, so I changed her into a little tank top. Something was just so cute about seeing her chubby, white arms ans shoulders. I noticed her first little brown freckle on one arm, and that was so funny to me, too. I love this little girl and her chubby arms!
(2) I am in charge of keeping an updated budget for our family, and I've noticed a steady incline in expenditures in the crafting and home projects sections. Woops. I feel like I'm being so frugal and practical by sewing and doing DIY projects, but they still add up! (cough!) Sooo....for the next month (or maybe longer) I can only do projects with materials that I already have. Which is totally reasonable since my boxes of fabric and other materials already jam packed.
(3) I am entering two paintings into a juried art show and I am joining an art critique group in L.A. My free time has been filled with craft/home projects and church stuff, but I need to make more time for painting. More than once a week. Anyway, I'm super excited about it. If my paintings are going to be critiqued once a month then I'll definitely take them more seriously.
That's all.

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