Friday, March 19, 2010

Easy Fabric Balls

I've made several of these fabric balls lately. It is an easy 5 minute project from start to finish. This fleece hoodie didn't fit Brynlee right, so I cut it up and made three fleece balls out of it. I used a free pattern from Grand Revival Design. (I also recommend her free pattern for the girl's ruffled skirt! so easy and cute!)
I usually sew during Brynlee's naps, but Bryn likes helping out with this one, pushing the stuffing into the balls.
This is just a fun way to use up fabric scraps or repurpose old clothes. And Brynlee loves playing with them!


The Colemans said...

What might a fabric ball do?

Alli Jensen said...

I'm pretty sure I had that exact sweater at age 9. Old Navy?