Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tough to Beat

Last Halloween Bryn was in my womb, two months from her December birth, so she didn't get to see her Uncle Logan as Colonel Sanders. I've been trying to think of something great for Brynlee to be for Halloween, but every idea just seems so lame now that Log has raised the standard for Clarke family costumes. How can Brynlee compete with that!?


Jae said...

Based on this week:

Bat boy
White Fang

Marie said...

Wasn't Logan's second choice for costumes a red chili pepper? That could be a winner :)

Scott and Lindsey said...

Man, I love this family. Lar, I realized that I have been blogstalking your family for quite some time. Do you want to stalk me back? Ours is, and I need your email so I can add you to our list. Oh, and I never responded to your lost phone number list. 801-898-2747. That's me! It was so good to text talk to you a couple weeks ago. Good old Hans Shmutz. But a real phone call would be better!!! We'll have to figure out a good time. Hey Scott and I are trying to arrange a trip soon. We might not make it until New Years, though. If you guys are in town, we'll come visit you guys. We'll be in Santa Barbara.

Susie Faye said...

Laura you make me wish I did the monthly photos of Gracee - seriously genius!