Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Ever since Bryn's teeth poked through, we've had three straight days of heaven. Absolutely no fussing or crying (can this last forever, please!?), just lots of big, cheesy smiles.
I have my child back! Well...until the next tooth.
P.S. Gotta love her little farmer's tan!


Jessica F. said...

I am LOVING that picture. Such a little cutie!

Gloria said...

Laura, your blog is so cute and your little girl is even CUTER!! I can't believe how big she is! I love how you post the Month pictures on the side bar, so very cute! :) I hope you are enjoying that good Southern California weather, I miss being there!! Your on my old stomping grounds, it looks like you are way close to HB and the pier! :) So fun!

Janelle Champion said...

She is so cute! I love this girl and I don't even know her. Maybe she and my pseudo baby can be soul mates :) Let's pray my real ones will be cuter. You should try that website out and see if it looks anything like your cute Brynn!