Friday, September 11, 2009


Well, it's officical. After claiming my child has been "teething" since about, oh, April
And the second one just poked through today, too. Her teeth are barely poking through her gums, but they seem razor sharp and pointy. Just in time for Halloween. She's got a few good options now. Vampire. Dracula. (Same thing? Jen, help me out here.) Werewolf. Wolf Dog. Shark. Saber tooth tiger. So many possibilities. By the way, I should have never googled images of "fang", "fang tooth", "dracula", "werewolf", etc. Quite disturbing.

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The Pixton Family said...

Let's see some photos of those teeth. Oh, and Dracula is the head of the vampires. Thanks for thinking of me and my knowlege of all things horror related!