Saturday, August 29, 2009


We don't function very well in this 90+ degree weather. (Without AC in our apartment or car). The ocean breeze, as our sole cooling system, just doesn't cut it. Just look at Bryn. She's nearing heat exhaustion.
Poor B just isn't the same in the heat. Her face is red and moist, her hair is sweaty and wild, and her facial expressions and mannerisms are just a little kooky.
She wakes up from her naps with such a red face, leaving a wet spot in her crib where her sweaty head lay.
But at least she's keeping herself hydrated.


The Pixton Family said...

This heat wave is aweful! I can't wait for it to cool down.

Emily said...

We had the same AC problem when we lived in SoCal! As lovely as the weather is... it can get dang toasty. I find ice cream helps me deal with the heat a little better :)

Jae said...

B looks so much like one of Brandon and Mar's kids in the first picture. said...

oh man so sad! she looks so silly ;)