Monday, August 24, 2009


Today was such a fun day for Brynlee and I. We went to Balboa with my friend Michelle and her cute daughter Maddy. We got lunch at a pizza place, rode the ferry, played at a cute little park on Balboa Island, rode the ferry back, took the girls on the merry-go-round, and then stopped at a little candy shop to top it off. Despite Brynlee's bored face in the picture, she LOVED the merry-go-round once it was going. It was so cute to see her giggle and smile so big as her horse moved up and down.
On the Ferry.
Michelle and Maddy. Brynlee and Maddy both wore pink and blue, and Michelle and I both wore coral. Good thing, because color coordination is really important to me.
Bryn came home and took a wonderful, looong nap because she was so worn out. She woke up with warm rosy cheeks, awesome bed-head... ...a sagging, full diaper, and her belly hanging out from the elastic waist of her shirt. Maybe this is only funny to me, but this was the highlight of my day!


clarke fam said...

Bed head?... Remember Maren's hair? How fun to go to Balboa.

Alli Hawkins said...

It's the highlight of mine too!