Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Josh's Birthday

Friday was Josh's 26th birthday! He's pictured above with a huge bowl of Grandma Tueller's famous carmel corn with nuts. It's his favorite! She was so sweet to bring over a fresh batch for his birthday. I'm pretty sure Josh was more excited about this carmel corn than he was about any of his other gifts! We spent a little time together then headed to Park City for Josh's mission reunion, which was great. Afterwards, we went to my family's house in Sandy for birthday cake and gifts. Logan had set up a big treasure hunt around the house for Josh, with two big bags of Reese's cups as the final treasure. Josh couldn't have been happier. (I promise Josh isn't as big of a sweet tooth as this post is making him sound like!)

Josh is amazing! He is the perfect companion for me and I'm soo lucky to be married to him.

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