Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This past weekend Josh and I were up in Sandy, using my dad's fancy tools to build some panels for my art. I had to make a run to Home Depot to get some materials and Logan asked if he could join me.

(This is beside the point, but I have to include why Logan would be so anxious to go to Home Depot: He bought a few long wooden dowels, which he later cut and made into wands for every member of our family....yes, you guessed it. He's reading Harry Potter. He just finished book five. Harry Potter has also incluenced his naming of our pigeons. Two of the newest birds are named Ron and Hedwig. In fact, he might be holding one of those two in the picture above. He says the next bird to be born is going to be Dolores Umbridge. Josh is so proud of him).

Anyway, I realized that I hadn't brought my wallet with me to Sandy, but Logan assured me that he could cover for me. Turns out he carries about $100 cash in his wallet. He's not your typical ten-year old. Either he's extremely frugal with his Christmas money or he's a thief. And either way it's pretty impressive. He was able to bail me out and pay my $50+ bill at Home Depot. On our drive home, however, he quietly mentioned that he would be charging me interest for the money he had leant me. When I asked what his rate of interest would be he initially said $5.00 a month. After thinking about it for a minute he decided it would actually be $5.00 a week. Smart boy.
The below picture is a sneak preview of the Fall Fashion Line of pigeon attire that Logan is currently designing. Notice the stylish red bonnet and green cape, both made of local grown materials. With his impressive design skills and his business sense, Logan is destined for success.

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