Saturday, September 13, 2008

Date Night, SLC Style

We had such a fun date night last night! We went downtown to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts for the big "Monet to Picasso" show. It was a really great exhibition. Josh is a trooper because this is the second art date in a row. Last Friday we spent the evening going to several galleries in the Provo Gallery Stroll. The SLC Gallery Stroll is next Friday and I'd totally love to go, but I'm not even going to ask. I think that's where Josh would draw the line.

After the art show we walked around the Gateway and had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Yum. Josh got a delicious pizza, and I tried the BBQ chicken chop salad and I LOVED it. It was really, really good. Plus, food has been 10 times more satisfying ever since I've been pregnant. Josh is loving it. I'm usually not a huge fan of going out to eat, but now I'm all over it. Josh is taking advantage of this time and we've had some good eats lately.

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