Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fish Tacos

Not much is new with Josh and I except that I'm still licking my lips over the yummy fish tacos I had last night for dinner. Josh and I got tons of gift certificates to Magleby's Fresh from our landlord over a year ago. We were so good at using them sparingly, but we finally used the last ones last night. I usually strike out at Magleby's. I think I've gotten a salad every single time and I just don't think their salads are that impressive. But last night, after seven hours of classes I was STARVING and a salad was not an option. I branched out and got the mahi mahi fish tacos. Yum. (They were almost as good as the ones I had at Becky's house a few weeks ago!) The tacos were so much better than anything I've ordered there. It's too bad that I didn't discover the fish tacos until I was on the last of our gift certificates! I'll just have to learn how to make them.

Speaking of fish tacos...I'll never forget ordering fish tacos with Josh at a restaurant in Mexico last summer. I was expecting some delicious fresh fish caught just that morning, but instead the tortillas were filled with fried fish patties (basically the generic brand frozen fish sticks that give you a bad feeling when you see them on the freezer aisle at the grocery store). Come on Mexico! You can do better than that! I'm pretty sure you invented the taco, and you could have even had a hand in inventing the fish! Ok, maybe.

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