Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good Cookin

With the cooler weather and my art show all done, I have totally been in the cooking mood. I used to take pictures of everything I made when I was first married because I was so excited about it. I had gotten out of that habit, but now it's back. I think it's because I didn't cook over the summer while Josh was gone and I hadn't done a lot of cooking the last month or so because I was too busy with my art. Now I'm back in the kitchen, and loving all the new recipes Josh and I have been trying out! The above picture is some yummy homemade breadsticks. These weren't too difficult (okay, they're actually super easy) and they turned out great!
This is homemade tomato soup. It doesn't look that great in the picture, but it is soo good... and healthy. Always a plus! It has lots of diced tomatoes and other vegetables and it has such a good flavor. We took some over to my father-in-law and Josh's grandpa and they were both fans, as well!
Josh liked this soup even better than the tomato soup. It's a tortellini soup with italian sausage, zuccinni, tomatoes, carrots, etc. Soo yummy. It's got a really good flavor. Jae was sick last week, so I took him over some of this soup and he was better just the next day. I credit his speedy recovery to this delicious soup.

Finally, here's a picture of the yummy apple crumble pie that we tried. It was so good and fun to prepare. I felt so domestic and mother-ish pulling a hot apple pie out of the oven. Our neighbors brought us over a huge bag of apples from their tree, so it gave us a wonderful excuse to try out apple muffins and this apple pie. Yum. I like to attribute my growing belly to the fact that I'm pregnant, but who am I kidding? The main reason my stomach is getting bigger is because of all these new recipes!

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