Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Final Art Exhibit

So I know I've already mentioned this, but here's one more post about my final art show. It will go up on Thursday...just two days! It will be on display until the end of the month. The opening art reception is this Friday from 7-9 pm in the main gallery of the Harris Fine Art Center on BYU campus. Everyone is welcome! My art reception will be in conjunction with the opening art shows of two graphic design students, so you can check out their work, too. (If my artwork isn't enough of an incentive to come maybe the work of the design students will convince you!)

I can't wait to have the exhibit up. It will be such a huge relief. I've been working like crazy to get it all done and I've still got some final details to wrap up these next few days. Josh has been so helpful with all the little details, and he's been so patient with me as I've been stressed out to the max! I'm sure he's even more anxious than I am to have this show up and over with. But it will be great and I'm really excited to have my work on display after months of laboring over it.

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