Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Cooking Life-Saver!

I got this Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook as a wedding gift and I have relied on it so much! It's my favorite. Since I'm still new at the whole cooking thing, I have questions nearly every night as I make dinner. My immediate reaction to questions that arise in the kitchen is to frantically call my Mom. But if I can't get a hold of my Mom (or if I'm too embarrassed to call my Mom about simple things like mashed potatoes or gravy), then I resort to the Better Homes Cookbook! It's awesome. It ranges from simple hints to fancy recipes with ingredients that I've never heard of. Tonight we tried a thick chili with ground beef, all sorts of beans, onions, green pepper, garlic, canned tomatoes, and various seasonings. It was SO yummy. We'd been eyeing it in the cookbook for a while and I'm glad we finally tried it!

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