Monday, December 17, 2007

BFA Program

This will be a crazy week with FINALS, so I'll make a few posts this morning, then you probably won't hear from us the rest of this week. Here is my good news of last week: I've been in the art program since I've been at BYU, but a few weeks ago I applied to the Bachelor of Fine Arts program which is the top tier of the art program. You can apply once you've completed the certain foundational classes. It requires much more work than if I were to get just a Bachelor of Arts. A BFA degree is what you'd need if you wanted to get into a serious Master's program. A BFA also requires you to have your own final show before you graduate. Anyway, I just got notice last week that I was accepted into the BFA program! Yay! I was really excxited. One very nice perk about being in the BFA program, as opposed to the BA, is that I will get my own studio space on campus. It will be so nice to paint on campus, rather than keeping all my painting stuff in the corner of our front room. Josh has been patient with me, but now my art stuff will be out of the way!

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