Monday, December 10, 2007

Cabbage Patch Christmas

Cabbage Patch Kids,
So Laura and I went to mom and dad's for dinner this past Sunday (On a side note dinner was amazing!) and Mom gave me my own copy of "Cabbage Patch Christmas," courtesy of Jake. I was laughing so hard as mom played the CD during dinner. It lasted about five songs until 'Gimme, gimme gimme take take take,' when pops turned it off with a roll of his eyes. Nonetheless, the true spirit of Christmas was felt, and I remembered all the years growing up, listening to the tunes of the cabbage patch. Those little tykes sang it how it was. Thanks mom for having that CD in the first place, and thanks Jake for bringing it back. I'm sure Jason will always be playing his. :)
Anyway, what would Christmas be without the cabbage patch!?

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