Thursday, December 20, 2007

Confession: my apartment is a mess

The last few posts were all about good things I'm doing..."Look at me! I got into the BFA program!" or "Look at me! I spent hours making cookies to give to others!" And I'm feeling a little embarassed about all your nice comments. So today I need to balance out those little braggy posts with a post that's a little more humble! :) I will tell you that right now my apartment is a mess! I have been so BUSY these last few weeks, that I haven't given it a good clean. My sweet Aunt Margaret came over yesterday and she hadn't seen the apartment before. I gave her a quick tour, but was so embarrassed by the clutter everywhere. Talk about humbling. I did do laundry a few days ago, but only because I was forced to: We were running out of the essentials! And I also haven't made dinner since Sunday. Yikes. I'm feeling guilty, but I've promised Josh I'll get back into the normal routine once finals are over. Luckily, even without making dinner we've been well fed. We went to a fun Hawkins Christmas party on Monday - which included a great dinner, my Mom provided lunch and dinner for us Tuesday, and my sweet visiting teacher brought us dinner last night. So we've gotten by just fine. But I'm not good at accepting favors, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I can't wait to get back into the regular swing of things, to be back on my cleaning schedule and having dinner on the stove when Josh comes home! The good news is I just have one more final left this afternoon, then I am going to jump right into the household chores. Man, I can't wait to get this place cleaned up.

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