Monday, May 25, 2015

NYC with Jae and Amy

 It's always great to have visitors, especially when it's Jae and Amy! Aunt Amy has been a favorite with Bryn and Mya ever since they heard she was one of the princesses at Disney World and Uncle Jae is a favorite just because he is Jae (or maybe it's the beard?) Jae and Amy arrived on a red eye flight and after hanging out at our house for a couple hours we took the train into NYC.
 Tate's first time at the Natural History Museum.
 Bryn is always ready with a good pose.
 I've been to NYC several times now, but this was my first time in the spring. It was gorgeous! Jae and Amy couldn't have picked a better week for their trip: perfect weather and blossoms in full bloom.

 Shake Shack!

 Cookies from Levain
 I'm not sure what's going on with Mya in this one, but this is the best picture of the bunch!
Bryn making friends with Stranger Boy and Mya running laps
 NYC in spring!
 Amy and I thought it was only right to dress matchy matchy on our first day together.
I love my brother! And I love that my kids love him so much, too. 
This collage is really random, but it made me laugh. The picture on the left is our California girl Bryn in her element, running barefoot on the beach, chasing seagulls. On the right is our east coast girl Mya, running barefoot(!?) in NYC chasing nasty pigeons. Bryn and Mya have such different lives at age 2 1/2 and it sometimes cracks me up to compare the two. 
Anyway, three cheers for a fun after noon in NYC with Jae and Amy, and a wild little pigeon-chaser.

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Amy W. said...

I wish we were back there with you right now!