Monday, May 11, 2015


I can't believe April is over already. Our days are full and time seems to zip right by! Here are a few pictures of the kids from this past month...
Mya's post-nap hair is always amazing! One side is always normal and one side is always totally crazy.
 Sometimes the girls help me make dinner and we all have fun in the kitchen together. Other times it gets way too crowded and crazy and I am forced to take extreme measures like blocking my children out of the kitchen so I can attempt to get dinner on the table and stay sane :)
Mya loves to make herself comfortable and "read" chapter books. Most the time she just makes up gibberish stories about princesses and fairies. I love it. 
 We got to babysit our second-cousins Livvy and Lucy for a full day a few weeks ago. It was so much fun and my girls were in heaven, playing dress-ups and having tea parties all day. 
 Bryn and Mya love linen day because my bed is fair game to play on or make forts, reading spots, etc. In the picture above the girls were pretending to be little pigs and my bed was their "house of bricks".
 Tate's little teeth have fully poked through and we love his little toothy grin.
 Tate in his very manly exersaucer. 
 Josh has been really, really busy lately with some travelling for work and studying for the CFA exam. We don't see much of him, but he still fits in little moments with the kids. 
 One of many crowns that have been made for Tate by Bryn. This one said "Tate is a child of God even when he is a baby".
 I always get a little window of one-on-one time with Tate in the afternoon when Bryn is at kindergarten and Mya is napping. He is such a good little buddy.
 Bryn and I love to paint together. My quote is from the new Cinderella movie and Bryn's quote is a "Brynlee original". 
Duplo towers to the ceiling
 Tate's second mother
 Tate's first time swinging at the park! He loved it, of course. 
Mya has learned some good posing skills from her big sister!
This is a busy stage of life with three young kids and a busy husband, but it's also such a fun stage of life. I'm grateful for all the smiles and laughs that my kids bring me each day. There can't be a more entertaining job than that of a mother :)

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