Saturday, May 9, 2015

"Fairy Land Galore"

Let me welcome you to 'Fairy Land Galore". Bryn has been in a bit of a fairy mood the last few months, hence the bedroom covered in 400+ drawn fairies. Her room looked like this for two months, but we finally took it down in April. 
Bryn loves reading the Disney Fairy chapter book series and the Rainbow Magic Fairies series. After reading dozens of those books she started drawing her own fairies. She started out with a few fairy drawings taped to her walls, but then she drew more and more and before I knew it her room was covered. Not all the fairies could fit on her walls, so the extras were made into a fairy book. We kept track of the fairies and she got to 400 of them and then I stopped counting. I think we'll look back on this fairy stage and smile :)

As an example, here is a random sampling of the fairies...
"Ann the Hanukkah Fairy", "Audrey the Acorn Fairy", "Poppy the Pencil Fairy"
 "Breezey the Wind Fairy", "Maren the Manatee-riding Fairy", "Happy the I-will-always-be-there Fairy"
Oh Bryn, We love you and your wild creativity. 


Meghan said...

I just love this! What a cute thing to do. You will totally look back on this with a smile. And, that is seriously amazing that she drew over 400! Crazy! Love their cute little room :)

Marcus Lane said...

This is amazing!!!

miss said...

This is amazing!