Tuesday, December 16, 2014


 My girls really love Sundays. All week they ask how many days until they can go to Primary/Nursery. Both girls are really lucky to have fabulous teachers at church and that makes all the difference. Another perk of Sundays is that it's a chance to wear matching outfits (not every week) and you know my girls go nuts for matching outfits!

 Tate hasn't gone to church yet because he's so young and it's been so cold here. Josh and I have been switching off taking the girls to church and watching Tate at home. 
Mya loves her little Tate boy
And just for fun- this is what Bryn and Mya looked like when they came down in the morning. They were so proud to have found "matching outfits" in their closet, but we opted for the blue and white dresses instead :)
P.S. Mya's bedhead is always amazing!

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