Friday, December 12, 2014

5 Wonderful Days with Mom

My mom came to town soon after Tate was born and it was so wonderful having her here. She cooked, cleaned, ran errands, entertained the girls, snuggled Tate, and helped me survive my first week with Josh back to work. I planned on catching up on sleep while she was in town, but that didn't happen! We stayed up late each night talking and laughing - which was better than getting extra sleep. I only see my mom twice a year, so it is always such a treat to spend time with her. 
 I wish we could have gone into NYC since my mom hasn't been there for several years. Next time she comes to visit! Instead, Josh brought home one of our favorite NYC treats (Dough donuts) to share with her and to celebrate Tate's two-week birthday.

It was a quick trip and we were all so sad to see her leave. Poor Mya just cried and cried (along with Bryn and I) as she watched grandma head to the airport. It broke my heart! 
I'm lucky to have such an amazing mom and I'm so grateful for all of her help!

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