Tuesday, December 16, 2014


We're already half way through December, so I better catch up on November before I get too behind! Now that Tate is here we've spent lots of time inside at home, but before he arrived we spent lots of time at the leaf-covered parks and going on lots of walks around the neighborhood. 
It makes my heart so happy to see these two in dress-ups, playing so well together. They have moments when they fight, but most of the time they are such sweet little friends. 
 It's pretty common for us to see deer in front of our house, but this time we saw seven deer all at once. Bryn was so excited about it that she ran outside to give them handfuls of grass... and then they ran away.
 This was the day before I went into labor. At this point I was reeeeally eager for Tate to get here, and luckily he did! And a week early, too!
Sweet Tate
 The girls love Tate so much and they're always asking to hold him.
 I'm so grateful Josh could take work off and stay home the first two weeks to help me out before my mom arrived. It was so fun being together as a family all day for that first little bit.
 This picture makes me sad because now it's too freezing to go to the park, but Mya sure loves park time!
 Bryn is going to be the second mom in our home!
 Mya's famous bedhead. I can't get enough of it!
 Josh is such a great dad
 The girls are always willing to share their toys with Tate :)

 Bryn made herself this "first prize" one morning (without me knowing) and then taped it to her shirt and wore it all through school (without me knowing). Bryn said her friends at school all congratulated her on her prize. Oh boy!

 The girls were in heaven with Josh home every day!
 And Josh enjoyed himself, too!

 November was a bit of a whirlwind with a new baby, Thanksgiving, my mom in town, a car wreck (ugh), and trying to figure out our new routine. But despite the craziness, November was such a special month. There's something so wonderful about having a brand new baby in your home. We love little Tate so much already and we just feel so grateful for our little family. 


Ashleigh Smith said...

Tate and Josh are twins..yes?! And girl, you were meant to have babies. I can not get over how amazing you look both pre and post labor! Incredible!

JS said...

Oh my gosh... Tate is the cutest. What a sweet little family you have!