Thursday, October 9, 2014


Mya is the sweetest little two year old around and we are sure getting a kick out of her at this age! Here are some Mya pictures from the past month...
Mya loves digging in the backyard while I make dinner. It's a pretty great set-up to be able to watch them through the glass doors while I make dinner inside. This is our first house with a real back yard and it's great!
 Mya loves to help me cook and bake. It always takes longer and is messier when she is my assistant, but she loves it and it's pretty cute. 
 She LOVES dress-ups - a new development in the last few months. Usually she is "Princess Olivia"  - her second-cousin that she idolizes :)
Our master bed didn't survive the move and we still haven't bought a new one, so Josh and I just sleep on our mattress on the ground. Mya loves that we have such a low bed because she can climb on so easily. I'm usually awoken in the morning by this little cutie who cuddles up next to me with her blankie and a few books.  
 Sidewalk chalk is a daily activity around here.
Mya's hair is finally long enough for pig tails and she's pretty proud about it. Every day she asks for an "Elsa braid" in her hair, but we've still got a long way to go til her hair is long enough for that!
 We don't have TV, but the girls do love watching Sesame Street videos on the ipad. Mya's personal favorite is the "Walk" song by Elmo + Destiny's Child. She sings it all day. 
 Maybe I already posted about this, but Mya is officially out of her crib and loving her new bunk bed. Sometimes she gets silly and tries to sneak out of bed, but she's in a pretty good habit of staying in bed at night. 
 Baby dolls + stuffed animals + dress-ups
 Josh has had long hours lately, but the girls sure make the most of the time they get with him. Their excitement when he walks in the door is so cute. They just pounce on him!
 This is so typical of Mya lately. When it's time to go and I'm grabbing my purse and keys Mya always runs around frantically and grabs her purse (or two) and a few random things like a baby doll, hat, fake cell phone, etc. 
We love you Mya! You just get cuter and cuter!

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