Friday, April 11, 2014

General Conference

General Conference was this past weekend and it was a great, uplifting weekend - as always. Mya napped during both morning sessions (which was awesome!) but the afternoon sessions were a bit of a circus, trying to listen to the talks while wrangling Mya. Bryn saw Josh and I taking notes and asked what we were writing down. We told her we were writing down good messages that we heard from the church leaders or ideas we had of ways to improve. The next thing we knew she was writing her own notes on her white board :)
 Her note-taking didn't last the whole weekend! At one point, when Josh and I were distracted with the conference, Bryn emerged from the bathroom with a cat face, drawn from a non-washable marker.
 This is Bryn's reaction to realizing her face was stained! Luckily, the marker faded in two days time. I think she learned her lesson :)
We got together with some of our friends for a brunch on Sunday and that was really fun. It filled the void of being away from family for General Conference. Also, I'm glad there weren't any conference talks on health/Word of Wisom....because I would have been feeling some guilt after our conference baking ;)


Justin and Ashleigh Smith said...

Bryn's cat face is too funny! We have had sharpie art all over our children's bodies over here and just so you know for the future, alcohol wipes work wonderfully! :)

Clarke Family said...

I love the list of things that Brynlee wrote down.