Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Dinner in Boston

After church on Easter we drove down to Boston (technically the suburb of Lexington, MA) for a fun Easter dinner with lots of our Tuck friends from last year. It was so wonderful to see so many of our good friends that we hadn't seen since graduation last year. Bryn was thrilled to see so many of her old friends, too!
This little cutie lived in the other half of our duplex last year. We miss hearing you through the wall, Sophie!
 Bryn and J.J.
 Hunting for Easter Eggs
 Mya actually understood what to do this time(!!) and it was so funny to see her run around and pick up the eggs that the big kids had missed.
 Happy girl with her eggs
 Sorting through her loot!
Three of my dear, dear friends who are in town from California and Iowa: Michelle, Andrea, and Maren.
(Maren and Ryan are running in the Boston Marathon (as I type this, actually!) so that is the reason so many friends are in town this weekend!) 
I am so grateful to have met these amazing women at Tuck and for the friendships I have with them! I always miss being with my family on holidays like Easter, but good friends help to fill that void!

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