Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Leaf Garland

Josh had a midterm on Saturday, so Bryn and I put away the Halloween decorations and got out the Thanksgiving box. Turns out, we are seriously lacking in our Thanksgiving decorations, books, activities...anything. So we pulled out the felt and spent the afternoon making this little leaf garland for Thanksgiving. 
 Bryn helped me pick the colors and even helped guide the needle up and down, through the leaves. I love doing projects with Bryn and seeing her get so into it.
 You can't really tell from afar that the leaves are even leaves, so it kind of just looks like a party decoration or something. And the pink and purple leaves don't really help either.
BUT Bryn and I both know that it is a Thanksgiving garland and that's what matters :)

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Michelle said...

you are TOO cute! I love this!