Friday, November 30, 2012

Park Day with Cara and Di

When we found out last year that we were moving back east I immediately began talking with my cousins Cara and Diana about meeting up since they live in New Jersey and New York City. I was so glad that we made it happen and got together in New Jersey. Cara lives under 10 minutes from my brother-in-law's family where we were staying and Diana was so nice to travel 2 hours from NYC on different subways and trains to get there! Thanks Di!! We met up at a park and let the kids run around while we chatted. I love these two and it's so fun to be back east with them.
 All of these pictures are from the very talented Diana, whose pictures were far better than the little snapshots I took.

 darling Olivia, Cara's daughter
 and Diana's cute little boy Oliver

 Bryn turns into a squirmy crazy person as soon as we tell her to pose for pictures, so this is the best we could get of the four kids.

Love you, Cara and Di!

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Diana Hulme said...

This was so fun...missing you! But excited to see you guys now in Utah. How was your day yesterday...I was thinking of you with the long drive, two flights, two kids, etc.