Saturday, July 16, 2011


We've been doing a lot of painting over here this week! (I know, another post on painting? I can't help it!) Bryn loves it and so do I. Josh makes fun of me for how excited I get about her little paintings. It's so cute to sit right next to her and see her hard at work! She used to talk and sing to herself as she painted, but now she's silent except for funny, heavy breathing of concentration.
She asks me to draw lots of circles and then she paints them.
I love watching how she picks out color. Initially, I tried to suggest colors she should use next, but she would purposely never use that color. So now I just let her do it and see what she comes up with.
Another favorite painting "game" is where I draw a design in white crayon and then she has to paint over it to see the design. I loved this one because she explained "Blue is for sky, green is for grass, and brown is for dirt!"
Whenever I'm sad or impatient about not having more children yet, all I have to do is spend good one-on-one time with Bryn like this and I'm reminded how lucky I am to have her as my little buddy.....and fellow painter :)
I look forward to a house full of kids someday, but I'm sure I will cherish these years with just Brynlee and all of our sweet, uninterrupted days of painting and talking and learning.


Jane Huddleston said...

I loved this post. You inspire me to be a more attentive and creative mother. In fact I think we'll try painting next week. :)

Kristy said...

I think it is so cool that you have so much uninterrupted time with Brynlee! I try to imagine painting with Dallin (or I try) and I turn my back for a second to help Graham and all craziness has happened! Let me tell you that you inspire to keep trying though! Dallin loves to do art, so I know I need to do it more, even if there is a lot of mess involved. You are awesome Laura!

Karen said...

The white crayon design looks very cool. Bryn is so descriptive for her age. Everything you're doing with her now prepares her to help teach the children that will come.

Diana Hulme said...

I would hang Brynlee's artwork on my walls...clearly she's your daughter. :)

Emily Curfew said...

I LOVE Bryn's art!! I would frame and hang her work in our place. What a young talented girl - she looks up to you alot.

miss said...

That is some high quality paper for such a little lady! Doesn't it make all the difference, though?