Monday, April 11, 2011

New Tricks

This weekend Bryn learned two new tricks:
(1) How to open doors. (A.k.a. how to leave her room at 6:30 a.m. Not good.)
(2) How to push the hidden button on "Patty Cottontail" that sings a high-pitched easter song.
I'm not happy about either of these tricks. I think we'll be shipping "Patty Cottontail" to a foreign country.


Richins Family said...

Oooooh. For your sake I really hope she didn't master both tricks at 6:30 AM. Hopefully you and Josh are a bit more understanding, but I'm pretty sure if we heard a high-pitched easter song that early, "Patty Cottontail" would no longer reside at our address.

Gotta love new toddler tricks, right? Sure.

miss said...


Random question--where do you get your fabric?

Kristen M said... your blog p.s. I am a bad commenter and I know it!

I passed along your New Beginnings ideas to our YW President. I'm a Beehive advisor, and we had a hard time coming up with our New Beginnings this year. Thanks for sharing! We'll keep it in the arsenal for next year.

Now, for Patty Cottontail...If you really want the song gone try washing her (put her inside a pillowcase, gentle cycle, then dry on low inside the pillowcase too) Worked like a charm for one of Connor's bunnies that played music. :)

Sad day when they learn how to open doors! Bryn is just too smart for her britches!