Friday, April 1, 2011

Naptime Project

I had an extra pillow form and some left over scraps of blue fabric from Bryn's bedding, so I made another pillow for her bed. The plan is to just keep making pillows until her entire bed is covered. Ha. I'm getting there. At first I tried mimicking a pleated pillow I saw at Anthropologie, but I didn't like my version, so I picked out the seams and started over. I ended up adapting a gathered pillow tutorial from Make-it-and-Love-it. I didn't have enough fabric of one color to do gathering over the entire front and I didn't have enough to do a solid color in the back, so I pieced together what I had and made it work! I love projects that use up scraps and are quick and easy! Woot woot! And Bryn loves to "get comfortable" with her new pillow.

1 comment:

Jae said...

That kid loves to get comfortable with most anything. The old "Mr. Toilet Paper" trick we pulled on Log would work like a charm on her.