Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A year ago

I'm about to fly to Utah to see my fam, and I just realized I took a trip to Utah last year at this same time in May. I've been looking back at the pictures from that trip, and it's funny to see how much Brynlee has changed since then. She was still so tiny!
She was cute and happy little baby.
But it was a hard time in Brynlee's life: she couldn't get around, couldn't communicate, hadn't even been allowed to try rice cereal, and she was embarrassed by all of her spitting up in public. She hadn't made any friends yet in California, she was balding in back, and was still recovering emotionally from her bout of baby acne weeks before. And to top it of, she got called a boy everywhere we went. Life isn't always easy for a five month old.
Fast forward one year and we have this silly little girl, who cracks us up each day with singing little songs, shaking her hips, bustling about the apartment, helping out with simple chores, doing puzzles and reading books, changing her jewelry ten times a day, running crazily around with closed eyes and giggles, getting into mischief, looking for bugs with her friends, and so much more. So many changes in a year!
I love my little buddy! (Maybe by May 2011 I'll be able to report that the little rascal has learned not to climb onto the kitchen table! It's something to shoot for.)

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