Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Five Regrets From Today

(1) Not buying one of the fourteen cent goldfish we saw in the pet store this afternoon. My kind of pet. Reasonably priced, only lasts about five days. I'm sure Bryn would have been happy to take it home. (2) Eating eight of the twelve cranberry walnut muffins I made this morning, and then doing the math in my head of the calories they totaled. Bad and bad. Tomorrow's a new day. (3) Pulling up Justin Beiber videos on youtube to see who this kid really is. Enough said. Never again. (4) Buying Brynlee a "bucket-o-buttons" and letting her organize them in muffin tins. Started out okay, but now we have about 50,000 little buttons in every nook and cranny of our apartment. Should've seen that one coming (5) Not bringing my camera on our little outing to the beach with Uncle Mark.


Justin and Ashleigh Smith said...

So Justin and I heard about Justin Bieber and we did the same thing to see what all the tween fuss was about. We seriously were laughing out loud and were like, "Uhhh...Is this kid for real?!" Glad to know we weren't the only ones!

a mermaid said...

hey- I'm Josh's cousin Stephanie and I just creeped on your blog to find that green smoothie recipe my sister told me you posted a long time ago. HAHA :) Thanks for putting it up! I love all your crafty fun too. If you guys ever venture out to Hawaii come sew with me! Anyway- I'm off to try the smoothie. THANKS!

Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

I have regrets like your #2 regret every single day! And your #4 is hilarious! :)